About HARU

We provide assistance toward the reconstruction of Tohoku district, devastated by the quake and the following Tsunami on March 11, 2011.Many volunteer students of Tohoku University have joined us in this noble cause. Also, HARU have received official recognition from Tohoku University so that we are able to promote volunteer activities to meet community needs. In the future, we are switching our work to the long-term reconstruction with broad range of cooperation.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Restart of HARU

HARU had acted a role on functioning as volunteer center inside Tohoku University. It has taken a pause since mid June, for many of our teammates having difficulty on having it both ways volunteering and studying. During the pause, we have discussed about activity policy and form of the team.

From now on, we restart HARU as a simple volunteer team, relinquishing our previous role as volunteer center and the mailing list. We are going to cooperate with Tohoku University East Japan Earthquake Student Volunteer Support Division: http://www.tohoku.ac.jp/japanese/studentinfo/volunteer/01/volunteer0101/

We are going to work on 3 projects:
1. Education Support
2. Library Recovery
3. Field Mustard Project

For further information, visit:
(Japanese only)

All the members belong to either of the projects and take responsibility on it. We would like to increase the number of projects as possible with students and professors with new idea.

Since we are not going to use the mailing list anymore, we want those who are willing to work with us to join us as a member. We will let you know later on website or other tool.

We are very grateful that we could work with you all the registrants, for supporting Tohoku district reconstruction. We believe that our work was help to reconstruction.

HARU Head Quarter Members