About HARU

We provide assistance toward the reconstruction of Tohoku district, devastated by the quake and the following Tsunami on March 11, 2011.Many volunteer students of Tohoku University have joined us in this noble cause. Also, HARU have received official recognition from Tohoku University so that we are able to promote volunteer activities to meet community needs. In the future, we are switching our work to the long-term reconstruction with broad range of cooperation.

Structure and Work Contents

[Board Members]
Adviser: Professor Yoshioka, Professor Asanuma
Leader: Suzuki Anna
Sub Leader: Mukuhira Yusuke, Okuyama Tatsuya
Personnel Management Section: Mukuhira Yusuke, Nishizaka Hikaru
External Negotiations Section: Okuyama Tatsuya, Suzuki Anna, Miura Hanae, Mimori
Publication Section: Futagami Tasuku, Tsugawa Yasunori, Eito Yasushi, Hojo Maki
Volunteer Management Section: Ogasawara Yoshikazu
Supplies Administration Section: Saishu Hanae
Accounting Section: Nishizaka Hikaru
General Affairs Section: Hojo Maki

[Work Contents]
External Negotiations Section: Administration of volunteer work under the cooperation with local government, university staff and citizens, Cooperation with other volunteer groups
Human Resources Administration Section: Administration of Registration Form, Schedule management, Human resource management
Publication Section: Transmission of information on the internet (SNS) and through mass media, Recruit on campus
Personnel Management Section: Volunteering in the field, Preparing notes, Activity reporting
Supplies Administration Section: Collecting, administrating, and delivering aid
Accounting Section: Accounting

[Operational Setup]
1. External negotiation section receives the volunteer request from university and local government.
2. Human resources administration section gets information from External negotiation section.
3. Choose appropriate students from registered students.
4. Volunteering
5. Feedback