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We provide assistance toward the reconstruction of Tohoku district, devastated by the quake and the following Tsunami on March 11, 2011.Many volunteer students of Tohoku University have joined us in this noble cause. Also, HARU have received official recognition from Tohoku University so that we are able to promote volunteer activities to meet community needs. In the future, we are switching our work to the long-term reconstruction with broad range of cooperation.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The 1st Volunteer Seminar

    Hello, I am Otsuka, HARU Public Relations.
    On 20th of this month, the 1st Volunteer Seminar organized by Tohoku University Student Volunteer Support Center. The purpose of this seminar is to make chance for undergraduate students, especially  1st and 2nd year students to participate in supporting affected area.

    Presentations were given by teams doing activities in Tohoku University, about affected area and introduction of their activities. Also they had light discussion having light meal.HARU had chance to participate in this seminar, as well as L&D Sendsi and Tohoku Law Net(TLN).

    First half was 40 minutes session and last half 40 minutes individual session after break. At the first half, representatives of each teams introduced their activities as panelists, and at the last half, each teams formed islands to talk about their activities. More than 30 students were participated to understand further about how volunteers are needed.

    A student who participated as representative of HARU said:"It has made a big step to spread this action to junior fellows, corroborating university and students. I want to see many junior fellows. It was great that I could find 2 students who wanted to do something but couldn't take a step!" 

    We would be happy if we could encourage students who participated in this seminar. Of course HARU our selves welcome those who are willing to act with us, in order to keep on working on support activities.

    This volunteer seminar will be held again. If you are willing to act but can't take a step, don't know what to do, or interested in volunteering, then you should come to the next seminar for sure.

Bonus article:
    Now Sendai Illumination Festival is held along Jozenji street.

    As a matter of fact, this festival was said to be difficult to be held this year, because a part of illumination was flown away by the tsunami. Fortunately, Tokyo Omotesando Illumination provided help so that it could be held this year.

    This indeed is light of "bond" as its Chinese character was chosen to this year's character. Though it's freezing in Sendai, I get warm looking at this light.

Few more days we have left for this year.
Don't loose hope! Merry Christmas, and have a happy new year:)

M. Otsuka

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