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We provide assistance toward the reconstruction of Tohoku district, devastated by the quake and the following Tsunami on March 11, 2011.Many volunteer students of Tohoku University have joined us in this noble cause. Also, HARU have received official recognition from Tohoku University so that we are able to promote volunteer activities to meet community needs. In the future, we are switching our work to the long-term reconstruction with broad range of cooperation.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

HARU was officially commended on subsidizing project on student volunteering, by student support center foundation.

      Hello, this is Kaisumi from HARU Public Relations. It has been quite chill lately, that snow just does not know when to melt.

      Few days ago, HARU was chosen to be a subsidized project on student volunteering by student support center foundation, and was officially commended. The student support center aims at contributing Japanese advanced education by promoting realization of fulfilled student life of heart and humanity, through subsidizing activities related to student life. The student volunteering subsidizing project is one of them.

The commendation ceremony was held in Tokyo on 26th of January, to which our member Motoyama went;
“I feel that this certificate means evaluation on success of many people after HARU was founded. Many students from other universities also participated in the ceremony. A person who is from Miyagi and now going to school in Tokyo, told me that it was really reliable and grateful that HARU has been working hard since right after the earthquake.
              This time I received not only as a member of HARU, also for members that found HARU and all the volunteer students participated in any activities of HARU.”

              Now HARU is working on 3 projects: Study Support Project, Library Recovery Project, and Field Mustard Project. We are very grateful on this and keep on doing our best.

HARU Public Relations

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